IPL Pigmentation Removal

The skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the body. Under continual attack from outside influences your skin can become sensitive and damaged, with pigmentary problems particularly common. Most people will acquire pigmentary lesions at some time or another, whereas some are born with congenital pigmented conditions such as birthmarks, moles etc.


IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, can be used to diminish the pigmented lesions caused by sun damage such as Solar Lentigines, commonly known as Age or Liver Spots.


The IPL system is a flashlamp that uses light to target the excess pigment (melanin), contained in the pigmented skin.


A quartz crystal block is applied onto the skin discharging the light over the skin. The selected wavelength of light is absorbed by the darker patches causing the converted thermal energy to damage the lesion, but not the surrounding skin. Immediately the lesion will appear to darken, then form a flaky crust that will over time will slough off leaving little or no trace of the lesion. 


For effective results the number of treatments will vary, depending on the area treated, typically 1 – 5 treatments at intervals of 4 – 6 weeks. To prevent a re-occurrence after treatment, sun exposure should be avoided and use of a SPF 30+ sunscreen is recommended.


To fully understand the IPL treatment a consultation will be given to explain how the treatment works, and to assess your suitability.

Not everyone is suitable for IPL treatment.


A patch test will be given prior to treatment commencing to check your skins reaction and establish a treatment plan.


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Consultations are free.
Patch testing fee £20.00 redeemable against the first treatment.
Minimum Charge £40.00



Face & Neck

Single Treatment




Course of 3 Treatments